Wendover House News 6

This has been another jam packed half term for mighty Wendover House and I can’t wait to show you all that we have done.

After Long Leave, things turned a little spooky in Wendover. We enjoyed some Halloween games; pin the crooked smile on the pumpkin and a mummy fashion show in House families. It was lovely to see them join in the fun and enjoy the treats on offer too!

Miss Franks treated the LIV to a pizza night after working so well together on this year’s House Guy. Our Dragon placed 3rd overall and we are really proud of how well they worked together to produce something over 7 foot tall. We are also proud of how well they have settled into our Wendover community. It feels like they have always been with us and it is lovely to see them spend so much time enjoying each other’s company.

As the nights began to get a lot chiller we stepped up our baking efforts to ensure that we always had some cosy snacks to enjoy. This half term we have loved making campfire smores, chocolate cake (that taught us the importance of weighing out all the ingredients), rice krispie Christmas puddings, homemade pizzas, melted snowmen bark and banana bread.

This half term has seen two big sporting events take place: the inter-House cross country competition and inter-House swimming. I am always proud of the effort that our girls put in to representing our House and of seeing them push themselves out of their comfort zones. It is not always easy running on a chilly November afternoon nor is it always easy to have to swim in front of everyone, but it is in these moments that we come together as a House, cheer on each other loudly and feel pride in belonging to Wendover.

We also had the privilege of putting together a House Chapel service for Anti-Bullying week. The girls spoke to the School community about the importance of kindness and celebrating what makes us different. Our readers spoke wonderfully and the whole House belted out a Taylor Swift classic. During this week we created opportunities for the house to come together and Twister game nights and mocktail making were firm favourites.

As I sit and write this, I am eagerly awaiting our House Christmas lunch. As some girls are upstairs starting to pack and others are enjoying a well-deserved lie in, it is lovely to have a moment of quiet to sit and reflect on the longest term and how much we have achieved together. Welcoming each girl back from School each evening, watching them learn something new, hearing the laughter from Long Corridor and chasing them into the right dorms at night will always be the favourite parts of my day. They demonstrate bravery, empathy, and determination by the bucketload. They know when to celebrate one another and when to ask for help. I couldn’t be prouder of them. This photo of an UV, 2 LVs and a LIV going on a run together on the last Sunday of term encapsulates just how strong the bonds are across different year groups in House and what makes being a boarder in Wendover, and indeed all of Wycombe Abbey so special.

I hope that you enjoy looking through some of our Christmas pictures below. I also hope that you have a wonderful Christmas holiday with your daughters and enjoy spending time together. I look forward to seeing all of you again in 2023.

Christmas Lunch:

Wreath decorating:

Christmas quiz organised by the Daws Hill Heads of Houses and One Can Trust baked bean collection:

LIVs decorating the tree:

House family gingerbread house decorating competition