Wendover House News 4

I simply can’t believe that it is time for me to write our last House news of the academic year. I am so proud of all the Wendover girls and the progress that they have all made this term. We have made it through the whole year without a lockdown and I am thrilled that many of our most beloved summer term activities and events have been able to take place after two years of Covid-19 interruptions.

It has been a term of exams for all, and they approached them with maturity and resilience. We have also squeezed in some fun along the way and that’s what I want to focus on.

It has been lovely to have parents back on site for the final weekend to join in with the Dove Day and GlastonAbbey events. Dove Day was the final event of our 125 celebrations. We were wowed by the gymnastics routine (well done Coach Toogood). I lost my voice cheering on our mighty Tug of War team who dug in deep and impressed all with their enthusiasm.

Many Wendover pups also won awards in the much-loved Dog Show. I really enjoyed catching up with our families in the Wendover marquee and enjoyed reliving some of the best bits of the year in the review show. Milly also made a surprise appearance as a Triceratops, conducting the Concert Band through the Jurassic Park theme song – the Wendover girls talents have no limits!

The final Sunday night saw many of the Wendover girls rock Midget Pitch on the GlastonAbbey stage. Lucinda played in her band Watchers of the Blind, Selen took to the stage for the first time with her band and Ruth sung her heart out to Sam Smith’s The Writings on the Wall. Ella helped weave all together with the rest of the Head Girl Team who hosted the event. It is always a highlight of the year for me to see the Wendover girls throw themselves into an evening of fun and music. I always admire how much they support their peers on stage. It is really heart warming to see.

We went to Rush trampoline park for our House Outing and all had a jumpingly good time. We ended the night with pizza and a movie, and it was the perfect way to celebrate another year together.

Dorm feasts are always a much looked forward to part of the end of each term. The girls have a picnic and watch a movie together. A lovely way to see how well all of our different year groups get along with one another.

I also cook for the LVI for their final dorm feast. We call it the ‘Last Supper’ as they spend their last few nights in house before they move down to Clarence. I love hearing their highlights of their time in Wendover and to see how much their friendship means to one another. They are a truly fantastic bunch of girls who I will miss living with and seeing each day hugely. They are funny, kind and truly supportive to one another. I am already looking forward to them visiting us in Wendover, when they have the time to and can’t wait for them to cook for me down in Clarence next year too. 

It wouldn’t be a Wendover House blog post without some photos of our sports teams competing in their Wendover red. Below are photos of our Athletics team at Sports Day. It was lovely to see our new UIII girls represent Wendover for their first time!

Wendover wonders:

Ella was featured in our last House Newsletter as the first Wendover Wonderer. I asked her to pose the next question to Miss Toogood, who leaves after 4 years as our Assistant Housemistress…in try Ella fashion she gave 3 questions instead of one!  Miss Toogood is making the move to Downe House to become a Housemistress; we are proud of her but will miss her and her endless enthusiasm and positivity hugely.

What’s your favourite memory in Wendover?

My favourite memory is probably Christmas House innings, when each year group does a very special performance of their choosing, such as ghost stories and dances. But really, any time the House is together as a whole e.g. sports days and outings.

What will you miss most about Wendover?

I will miss the House spirit so much! Even for people who are not super sporty, or the best musicians, every Wendover pupil gets involved and there is always an incredible sense of camaraderie when we are together. I feel like everyone is proud to wear the red!

If you had to give one advice to the girls in Wendover, what would you say?

Make the most of every opportunity, because you never know what you might achieve, who you might become friends with or what you might learn! Even if that is joining in a quick game of bingo on a Monday night or volunteering for reading in House chapel, these are the times you get to make the best House memories.

There is nothing left for me to do then to say farewell until the next academic year. We hope that all have a brilliant rest and lots of fun over the next few weeks.

See you in September!