The New Barry House Boarders -How to start the new academic year with a positive mindset.

Without a doubt, life is all about experiences. Our past experiences shape the person we are today. Likewise, our new experiences can shape the person we become. A new experience is something that we have not tried before, which opens our senses and minds to new adventures and ways of thinking. Moving to a new School or moving from Year 7 to Year 8 constitutes a unique experience – it has undoubtedly provided our new girls in House with lots of fantastic and new opportunities. With change comes a certain amount of trepidation, not knowing routines, not knowing your teachers, peers and simply not knowing the buildings can prove highly daunting. When we put ourselves out of our comfort zones and open ourselves up to new experiences, positive things happen in our lives.

Housemothers, Head of Dorms, Mons all play a vital role in ensuring that girls new to the House are well supported as they settle and navigate themselves into House and School routines. In Barry we value the importance of relationships which we see as integral to building a boarding community were all pupils can be the best version of themselves. These relationships are not only important in the fabric of the Boarding House they bring feelings of deep satisfaction, reduce stress and increase motivation by releasing chemicals into our brain that not only make us feel good but allow us to form trust filled and meaningful relationships.

In developing lives of their own from a young age, by learning to live with others and understand and respect them, as well as resolving conflict when it occurs, these young people will develop all the skills they will need to go out and meet the challenges of this 21st-century world. And they will take with them achievements, friendships and interests that may last them a lifetime.

As the new academic year got under way, it has helped your daughter to improve their outlook – and sustain that positivity. Barry pupils are encouraged to take a positive inventory of their strength, skills and best traits along with the goals towards which they are working.

A message from Wei (LVI)

I joined Barry in September and it has been an amazing half term. I am surprised – and very excited – to discover the number of opportunities we have in House, from evening activities to leadership roles, there is so much to enrich my experience and explore my interest. Also, I find Barry a very inclusive and supportive community. There are lots of bonding times for me to get to know everyone and I have never really felt excluded from anything. Also, the food supply is superb. I am enjoying growing and learning on a daily basis.

Upper IV Dance

The House Dance is an annual tradition. As U4s, we compete against the other Houses by choreographing a dance to our preferred music that relates to the theme. In the end, we settled on Just Dance by Lady Gaga, which we began with a clip from Rick Astley’s Never Gonna Give You Up. We chose to include a plot involving young couples. This made it easier for us to choose our three dancing genres—street, couples, and acrobatics.

During rehearsals we disagreed on the choreography which made it difficult to finish the piece. However, we resolved our differences, compromised, and the dance was completed with a week to spare.

All the other Houses were so impressive on the night that we felt intimidated. Before our performance, we were quite anxious, but Barry helped us through it. Our confidence increased as a result of the audience’s applause, and we danced enthusiastically. We felt really accomplished after our dance because we had been practising for this moment!

The entire audience sat in anticipation as the judges announced the results. Campbell finished third, Pitt finished second… Our hearts sank as we realised we hadn’t even placed, but then they announced that Barry had won first place! We were stunned because it was Barry’s first victory in many years! The House gathered to celebrate after bringing the trophy home. This experience brought not only us as a tutor group together, but the entire House – the camaraderie and House Spirit were priceless.

Eva, Abbey and Emily (UIV)

Barry House enjoys a fine tradition of excellence, achievement and camaraderie. We are proud of our ethos, traditions and culture which permeates through our community. We have created an inclusive environment which promotes opportunity, talent and celebrates individualism. We aim to shape and develop independent lifelong learners who are inclusive, accepting, compassionate and polite.

Happy Long Leave everyone.