Start of Spring Term

For Junior House, the start of the Spring Term represents a turning point. No longer brand new, it is a reminder of all that has been learnt and a return to the familiar. So, what does the first week back after the festivities of the Christmas holidays look like?

The first day back brings with it new dorms; a chance to organise and decorate a new space. Dorms change every term in Junior House so, whilst the faces are familiar, it is a chance to get to know a new group of dorm mates. This term, we are also welcoming our LIV Mentors up to House for the first time. Each mentor is assigned a dorm, with regular challenges to help get to know everyone.

Our first whole year/House event was on the Thursday with Engineering Society hosting an opportunity to be creative and present the tallest structure with a light on the top.

‘The Engineering Society event was fun. I was in a group with Navneet, Serena and Olivia. I focused on the electricity and how to light the bulb up. We were the first group to successfully light up the bulb. It was effective and we learnt a lot.’ – Savannah

The first and the last weekends of the Term are Closed Weekends, and they are always the times when our big whole School and/or House events are held. For the start of the Spring term, our events focused on the whole School community, and it was great to see Junior House interacting and enjoying the company of the older girls. On the Saturday night, we were able to enjoy a silent disco, with the three channels featuring an eclectic mix of music from old favourites like YMCA and Bohemian Rhapsody, to a whole hour of Taylor Swift.

‘We really enjoyed the silent disco as it was fun and good bonding time with friends and older years. We particularly enjoyed it when the whole school would listen to the same song and we would all be dancing to the same thing.’ – Annabelle and Charlotte

On Sunday, the focus was on Societies with a wide variety of activities on offer. Everyone was able to sign up for activities in advance and many people were able to fit in three to four different things. This included mosaic making with the Classics society, to stage make-up with the drama society or practicing driving skills in the Green Power cars there was something for everyone.

‘On Societies Sunday, I had a lot of fun with the stage make up as I learned to make fake wounds. When I got to my next activity, Cookery, I had forgotten I had it on my arm, and everyone in there was so shocked! It was so funny!!’ – Gloria

‘I really enjoyed societies Sunday and loved spending time with my friends while watching the movie Spirited Away and walking around Daws Hill on the science walk.’ – Estelle

‘On societies Sunday I loved watching my first Brad Pitt film ‘ 7 years in Tibet’ with History Society’ – Ella

‘I loved my science walk we got to saw loads of things and have fun’ – Elizabeth

We have been able to start off the term positively; even the dark January evenings and the very wet weather have not stopped us from making the most of the opportunities on offer to us and having fun.