Miss Hamilton reflects on her first term

It has been lovely to welcome Anna-Juliette Hamilton to Clarence this term as our Deputy Housemistress. She has made a big impact on the house and reflects on her first term.

My first term in Clarence has gone by incredibly quickly thanks to the welcoming nature of the Clarence team and girls, as well as the many events that have taken place. This week, we had our final House Outing to the Everyman Cinema, which was incredibly fun and filled with lots of ABBA singing from the girls (and staff!). We have also seen Clarence Bar, soon to be inaugurated as Club Clarence, take shape and the girls have been able to make use of it in the Common Room over the last few weeks.

While it is my first chapter here at Wycombe Abbey, it is the final chapter in many ways for the Clarence girls. However, this is not a sad moment of reflection, but one of great fun, success and gratitude. Elena M played a pivotal role in organising Rock Soc this term and this is what she had to say:

“As usual, LAC held the Spring Term Rock Soc. It turned out to be a huge success, with 11 bands performing from both Wycombe Abbey and Harrow, including one collaboration band! Everyone involved had worked extremely hard developing their performance skills. Additionally, all musicians put on a great show that the audience thoroughly enjoyed. Between experienced bands and even a LVI band debuting this Rock Soc, everyone displayed high levels of serious musicianship and I am so excited to see their time playing in Rock Soc flourish. I am especially proud of my band, Juno, in our last year at Wycombe, playing our last gig in the midst of A-Level mocks. We’ve had so much fun playing together this past year and a half, and I cannot thank the Music department enough, especially Miss McClure, for giving all of us the opportunity to get on stage and perform to such supportive friends. As Charmaine and I’s time as Heads of Rock Soc end, we are thankful for being able to organise such events and work so closely with other year groups and the Music department.”

Megan K reflects on the Orchestral concert that took place in London

“Back in February, three of the school’s orchestras: Sinfonia, Chamber Orchestra, and Symphony Orchestra, embarked on a momentous journey – the London Concert! Held at the awe-inspiring St Mary’s Cathedral, the concert marked a special occasion, particularly for the graduating Clarence Girls. It was, with a touch of sadness, our final performance at our beloved Wycombe.

The evening was filled with breathtaking music. The spotlight shone on several talented soloists: Yau Yau and Chloe S delivered a captivating piano duet, Selina Z displayed her mastery with a stunning cello concerto, Aanya dazzled with her singing and Audrey X mesmerized the audience with her beautiful piano playing.

Beyond the individual highlights, the entire concert showcased the incredible teamwork and spirit of the Wycombe music department- from the younger girls in the Sinfonia to us Clarence girls in Chamber Orchestra and Symphony Orchestra, our sheer dedication to music was clearly found.

For us graduating Clarence Girls, this concert wasn’t just a performance; it was a culmination of years spent immersed in the magic of music at Wycombe. The music department has been more than just a place to learn notes and scales; it’s been a haven for creativity, expression, and lifelong friendships.

As we move on from Wycombe, the memories of this London Concert will undoubtedly hold a special place in our hearts. It was a fitting farewell to our time here and a testament to the transformative power of music education. Lastly, we’d like to extend our most heartfelt thanks to the entire Wycombe music department- Mr. Reid, Mr. Acosta Ms. McClure, Mr. Robinson, Mr. Ledingham, Mr. Molyneaux and Mr. Pattenden for arranging this unforgettable experience, and developing us into the musicians we are today.”

Wycombe Abbey’s Legally Blonde was a huge success and Megan L shares an insight into just how much went into the whole process:

“This year, we performed our rendition of Legally Blonde: the Musical. It was seven months of hard work; from weekends spent in LAC, to non-stop humming of the catchy tunes, the final production made all the efforts worth it. With four shows with full audiences, the atmosphere was incredible and everyone was buzzing with excitement. Both onstage and offstage, the sense of community in the cast made calming our nerves a lot easier. It was especially heartwarming to see so many familiar faces within the crowd, and it was great seeing some of our teachers getting up to jam to the songs. A huge thank you has to go to all the staff who worked tirelessly with us behind the scenes. In particular, we are so grateful for Mr Harrington, Mr Pattenden, Mr Reid, and Ms Jones, who were with us every step of the rehearsal process. Acada, Eva, and I were the only Clarence girls part of the musical and were so happy to have been given the opportunity to end our Wycombe experience with such a bang.”

However, it was not all about Music as we had sporting commitments also. Lara E-K reflects on Lacross Nationals:

“It marked the final chapter of our Wycombe Abbey Lacrosse journey for us Clarence girls, as we represented our School on the lacrosse pitches at the National School’s Lacrosse Tournament for the last time. The days were a whirlwind of exhilarating highs and tense moments, as we battled with determination against our opponents.

Following the intense matches of the first day, we retreated to a hotel where rejuvenating ice baths awaited us. Our evening continued with a well-deserved, delicious dinner, refuelling our bodies for the challenges of the next day’s play.

Despite both the 1st and 2nd teams giving it their all over the two days, the results fell short of our aspirations, making for a bittersweet end to the season. Nonetheless, the experience was incredibly special and memorable, and the connections we formed with the younger girls over these past few years will definitely last beyond the lacrosse pitches. It was a tough and teary goodbye, however we hope that Lacrosse at Wycombe will continue to flourish after we leave.”

As you have heard it has been another exceptionally jam packed term for Clarence. I am so proud of each and every pupil and everything they have achieved this term. I wish them a lovely Easter holiday with a good balance of revision and rest.