Looking to the future: we start to think about our Senior Houses

Throughout the School year Junior House has plenty of visitors from staff and the Sixth Form. It is a lovely way for the girls to connect with older pupils and I know that some staff simply love finding an excuse to spend time with us here at Junior House! Since Long Leave we have also enjoyed regular visits from the LIV mentors. Each mentor has been assigned a dorm, fun fact: there are fifteen dorms in Junior House all with the names of birds! The mentors are there to ask questions, to be a listening ear and to offer advice. It is wonderful to see these connections being forged and seeing the time that the mentors take to meet with the dorm members either in School or in House.

Dorm life is an important part of boarding and one which teaches pupils many important life skills. As a way to help everyone get to know each other and create a common goal for the dorms to work towards, I have enjoyed setting the LIV mentors a number of fun dorm Challenges to complete with their assigned dorms. The first being a photo challenge. It was great to see the dorms working so well together, being creative and making sure that everyone took part. I hope you enjoy some of their entries!

The second challenge focussed upon poetry.  The girls created some amazing acrostic poems and I have included some of the submissions below for you to enjoy.

I have been amazed by how imaginative their submissions have been and how enthusiastically they have thrown themselves into these challenges. There will be more to follow next term!

This term there have been a number of opportunities for Junior House pupils to spend time with the LIV, these events have been a lot of fun and the friendships that the girls make will help with the transition to Senior Houses in September. This included a fantastic quiz hosted and put together by Mrs Harbour and the Lower School Prefects. Everyone was split into Senior House groups and a lot of fun was had trying to work out the answers.

This was followed by an opportunity to spend some time with Senior House mistresses during whole school singing. This is the start of a series of transition activities that we are looking forward to next Term including regular visits to the Senior Houses and symbolised by the Junior girls taking their chapel seats with their Senior Houses in the Summer Term.