House Blog Spring Term First Half

Spring has sprung in Rubens House and as is typical with this band of pink sisters, they were the first House ready to deliver the first House Service of 2023 in Chapel. Rubens presented the Biblical story of Rahab and reflected on other inspiring women including Mother Teresa. Congratulations to House Sacristan Natalia (LVI) for writing the service and to Alex, Lily and Paris (LV), Rozzie (LIV), and Venetia, Ambika, and Ashleigh (UV) for reading so beautifully to the School community.

The first weekend of the new term also meant a closed weekend for the girls, but this also means that School pulls out all the stops to entertain our big family. And the girls were not disappointed with our first Silent Disco, powered by chocolate fountains, copious amounts of sweets and lots of water stations to hydrate in between bops.

Following the physical exertion of the disco, the girls needed to spend the rest of the weekend relaxing. The Upper Fives hosted a chill and chat night in the common room with the Upper Fours who appreciated the chance to chat with the senior girls during the week they were making selections for their GCSE courses!

Before we knew it, the girls were hurtling into their first short leave of the new year. Upon return, Rubens hosted their first House Dinner since 2019. We hosted 180 guests in the newly refurbished Big School and in true Rubens style, threw the biggest and pinkest of celebrations. The Upper Five were brilliant and wrote a fantastic quiz to keep everyone entertained between courses. Many thanks to Maddie and Avalon for being such brilliant hosts.

The highlight of the evening was the rendition of Abba’s Super Trouper. LVI House conductors Aanya and Wania pulled this together in two weeks and the parents were astonished by the complexity of the arrangement and of course thrilled to see all of the Rubens girls have so much fun together. The number ended with a conga which our guests could not help but get involved with. Even our Headmistress joined the line which was of course a highlight for the House.