Being in the boarding House allows your daughters to build a strong network of friends and connections that will last a lifetime. The friendships forged in House will open doors to future opportunities. Creating a strong community in Barry has led to a great support system on which the girls can rely on throughout their lives.

Here the Lower V have shared their thoughts on friendship.

In Barry friendship is the cornerstone of our community. There are six main reasons for this: shared interests, trust, support, loyalty, respect, and fun and laughter.

Shared Interests

Participating in activities that align with our friends’ interests or engaging in discussions about topics we are passionate about not only strengthens our friendship but also sparks a sense of excitement and connection. This shared enthusiasm for similar ethical beliefs or life goals deepens our bond, creating a supportive environment where we can rely on each other and grow together. This alignment in interests and values fosters trust and empathy, ensuring that our friendship can withstand challenges and evolve as we grow and change.


Trust is the foundation of any strong relationship. In Barry, we can rely on, confide in, and support each other. We have learned through many experiences that we can trust our peers in House. When we participate in activities as a house, we always feel a sense of unity and companionship. By working together, we strengthen our relationship and the trust that has grown between us over time. Whether during competitive events, collaborative projects, or daily interactions, our mutual trust ensures that we can work together effectively and harmoniously. In Barry, this trust is a feeling and a guiding principle that strengthens our community and enhances our shared experiences.


In an academic setting, the support of friends is vital, particularly during various exam seasons. Friends offer invaluable emotional support, which helps to reduce anxiety and enhances confidence through encouragement and understanding. This cultivates a profound sense of camaraderie and belonging at Barry, fostering a homely atmosphere. When friends support each other, it encourages trusted friendships, which frequently evolve into enduring relationships that extend beyond the school grounds, rendering the boarding experience both fulfilling and memorable.


The loyalty of our peers in Barry provides us with a sense of security and value. In the face of life’s natural differences in views or situations, the bonds forged in friendship are never broken. This steadfastness brings us closer together, fortifying Barry with each passing day.


There is mutual respect between the teachers and students. We talk to each other in polite ways to help reduce conflict. We do our best to follow the House rules, which contributes to the creation of a comfortable and open atmosphere in the House. The essence of mutual respect is shown through the kindness and thoughtfulness of all the Barry girls, who are always there to help each other.

Fun and Laughter

Last term, we went to the trampoline park for our house outing. It was a fun, memorable, and thrilling experience that created laughter and joy; we participated in many activities, such as trampoline Dodgeball, knockout, and the foam pit. In Barry, laughter permeates every corner of the House. Whether we are racing against each other to win a game of Mario Kart, chatting with our friends, singing karaoke, cooking, baking, playing cards, or playing swing ball, it can be assured that we always have fun. We often face academic or personal pressures to “succeed,” so having fun and laughing with friends can provide a much-needed break.

In conclusion, friendship is Barry’s heartbeat—built on pillars that create lasting memories and ensure that each of us reaches our full potential in a nurturing, safe, and comfortable environment.

Clélia,Grace, Abbey,Tiwonge, Eva, Rahi, Macy, Emily, Lucia, Annika (LV)

Aurora Borealis

A night that we will never forget! On the night of the 10 May, six LVI Barry House pupils went out onto the school grounds, accompanied by Ms Hurribunce, to see the Northern Lights. It was a stunning display right on our doorstep.

Although the lights weren’t particularly visible to the human eye, we managed to capture some beautiful pictures using our phones. It was an unforgettable experience for us to discover the colours of this rarely encountered phenomenon. Having just a few weeks left in Barry, we were grateful to Ms Hurribunce for encouraging us to make such a beautiful memory together and to not miss this opportunity (and for being an amazing photographer!). The hues which the lights created above the Abbey were spectacular and we had a great time exploring all the different pinks, purples, blues and greens. It was an inexplicable moment. We feel immensely lucky to be able to say we saw such a surreal and remarkable event and will forever cherish the experience.

Cosima LVI