Cloister House Blog Spring Term Two

Once again, we reach the end of another triumphant term for House Cloister. As we transition from the briskness of winter to the bloom of spring, we find ourselves reflecting on the enriching experiences and vibrant activities that have filled the halls of Cloister House throughout the second half term. The days are longer, and we’ve even had a sprinkling of sunshine to lift our spirits! As ever, I am SO proud of how the pupils of Cloister have navigated through this short but busy half term.  

First and foremost, we cannot help but express our immense pride in the recent extraordinary performance of our Cloister pupils in Wycombe Abbey’s rendition of “Legally Blonde.” The dedication, passion, and sheer talent displayed by your daughters were nothing short of extraordinary. Cloister House was represented on every inch of on stage and backstage. From captivating acting to mesmerising musical performances, each member of the cast and crew poured their heart and soul into bringing this production to life. It was a production worthy of the West End! It has filled me with pride walking down the School corridors with staff and pupils alike complementing our Cloister pupils! 

We celebrated all of our hard-work this half term with our termly House Innings, which included films, dorm feasts and endless supplies of pick ‘n’ mix! It is always wonderful to see the whole House together; relaxed and enjoying each other’s company! This term also saw the anticipated return of the Daws Hill tradition of ‘Dining Room’; a fancy dress party run by the UV with each year group dressing as a range of fictional and fun characters. This year we had everyone from Willy Wonka to Marvel to Wreck it Ralph.  

At the time of writing our focus is very much on the upcoming House Singing Competition and the highly anticipated Eton Choral Concert. This year, our choice of song is Amy Winehouse’s version of ‘Valerie’. The pupils have been diligently preparing, fine-tuning every note and harmonising every melody to perfection. House competitions not only serve as platforms for our pupils to showcase their musical talents, but also help to continue to foster a sense of unity and friendly competition among the houses. We have our fingers crossed for another Cloister success!  

Looking forward, the Summer Term holds a plethora of exciting events and activities that promise to make it a truly unforgettable time for our pupils. The anticipation for the Fourth Form Play,; ‘Good Night Mister Tom’, sees our pupils eagerly immerse themselves in rehearsals and preparations to deliver captivating performances on stage. Additionally, we see the return of Dove Day, a cherished tradition that brings our School community together for a day of fun, food, gym displays and the much-loved Dog Show. Furthermore, a lot of our Cloister pupils will be showcasing their musical talents once again for Glastonabbey! But more excitingly, the Summer Term sees us welcome our new U3 pupils who will be coming to get to know the House and some of our fun traditions; such as Fruity Friday and Toastie Thursday! 

Though the Summer Term bring lots of joy and excitement, it also brings the anticipation of examinations for all year groups. I would like to remind the Cloister pupils to use the Easter holidays to relax and enjoy spending time with their families.  

In closing, the staff of Cloister and I would like to express our heartfelt gratitude to both pupils and parents for their unwavering support and enthusiasm throughout the term. It is through your collective efforts that Cloister House continues to thrive!