Campbell Spring Term

Spring has sprung in Campbell House! Although the weather may be cold and rainy, this does certainly does not stop the girls from flourishing. In this blog, we are excited to share some of the remarkable highlights from this past half term.

“The Great Campbell Bake Off”

Campbell House has always been a place where enthusiasm and creativity thrive. From academics to extracurricular activities, the pupils leave no stone unturned to showcase their talents and bond with their peers. In a recent addition to the weekend activities programme, the House took their enthusiasm to a whole new level by hosting a culinary competition on Saturday nights.

To kick off the event, each House received a culinary hamper filled with a variety of delectable ingredients. One standout creation in the competition was the cake designed to resemble our House mascot, “Tinky Winky.”  The pupils spent all evening cutting, crafting, and ensuring the purple resembled our House colour. In addition to the stunning cake, pupils were tasked with designing a mouth watering charcuterie board and dessert platter. The displays featured an assortment of cheeses, cured meats, breads, fresh fruits, and meringues and chocolate.

The Saturday night culinary competition not only showcased culinary talents, but also served as a platform for fostering camaraderie and joy. As the teams worked together to create their culinary masterpieces, laughter filled the air and bonds were strengthened. Students collaborated across all year groups, shared ideas, and offered support to one another, fostering a sense of unity and teamwork within Campbell House.

“The Sporting Edge”

House Games has been an exciting event this half term, with intense competition in the sports of Swimming and Cross Country.  Although the final results are yet to be determined, Campbell pupils have showcased their skills and determination, placing them in high contention for the prestigious prize. A special mention goes to Celia who put an exceptional performance in the Junior category in the Cross Country event. Additionally, the Inter competition in Cross Country displayed Campbell’s strength, with an impressive presence from Yuning, Cice, Mia, Marta and Isavella who were among the top twelve finishers. In the House Swimming competition, athletes from various age groups participated in both 1st and 2nd Houses. The outstanding performances by some individuals were noteworthy, but what truly stood out was the unwavering enthusiasm and support shown by every member of each House.

In other sporting news, we would like to extend a massive congratulations to Astrid, who recently showcased her exceptional talent in the Senior Spotlight Dance Show.

Musical talents

This term has given us the chance to highlight some incredible musical talents. We are thrilled to applaud Hazel, Ellie, and Fariha for their exceptional performances in the lunchtime concerts.

Furthermore, we extend our warmest congratulations to Cosima, Nell, Fariha, Jane, Izzy, Judy, and Mia. They recently participated in the prestigious Orchestral Concert in London on Thursday night. Their remarkable talent and hard work shone through, leaving us immensely proud.

We cannot wait to share our next newsletter with you. Get ready for a line up of thrilling events, including the House Chapel service, House Dinner, and House Shout. Stay tuned for more details!