Airlie Spring Term Newsletter – Part 2

House Outing to Absolutely Karting

Monday 18 March had finally arrived and the House swapped textbooks, prep, and House Order for helmets to unleash their inner racers at the Go Karting track! The Airlie pupils transformed into pint-sized versions of Max Verstappen, tearing up the track with determination and precision.

Amidst the excitement, murmurs spread about getting Toto Wolff on speed dial to report the top performances. Perhaps one of our budding racers was just a phone call away from catching Wolff’s attention with their lightning-fast lap times. The Juniors fastest track times saw Georgie (LIV) narrowly defeated by Natalie (UIV), as she claimed the top lap time of 12.7 seconds. In the thrilling Senior track showdown, it was Mr Oliver who blitzed through the competition, claiming the coveted title of fastest lap time champion, achieving a 20.03 second lap! However, hot on his wheels was Allegra (LVI) with the second fastest lap time of 22.16 seconds.

But let us not forget the real winner here: the sheer joy that filled the air. It was a night of thrills, amber flashing lights, and pure exhilaration. And who knows? Maybe one day, we will see one of our own zooming around the Formula 1 circuit.

International Women’s Day

In commemoration of International Women’s Day that fell on the 08 March 2024, let’s turn our attention to a remarkable woman close to our hearts, Lady Airlie.

Blanche, Countess of Airlie, played a pivotal role in championing girls’ education, following in the footsteps of her mother, Lady Stanley of Alderley. Lady Stanley, along with her peers, spearheaded a movement in the mid-nineteenth century to revolutionise young women’s education, advocating for broader access to learning opportunities.

Continuing this legacy, Lady Airlie passionately supported girls’ education throughout her lifetime and served on the Governing Council of Wycombe Abbey for many years. Her dedication ensured that generations of young women were empowered to pursue their intellectual and personal development to the fullest extent. Lady Airlie’s contributions have left an indelible mark, shaping the lives of countless individuals and inspiring future generations.

In speaking with the Airlie community, it is evident that they also have their own inspirational women, further illustrating the ongoing impact of figures like Lady Airlie on the aspirations of young women today.

Yvonne, UIV: Eileen Gu. She a pro skier and skied in the Olympics. She is really motivational!

Sofia, UV: Alison C! She inspires me to do my best!

Lilly, LIV: Michelle Obama

Alison, UV: Emily Pankhurst

Emily, LV: My mum! She is so caring, and I appreciate everything that she does!

Dr T: Jacky Tidbury! She taught me that women can have it all, family, and a career!

Mrs Walton: My daughter

Chloe, LV: Miss Flynn

Georgie, LV: Nicola Benedetti. She is a gifted musician and started a music foundation for children!

Daisy, LIV: All the House staff, they are super supportive and there for us every day.  

Isabella, LV: Michelle Obama

Amalia, LV: My mum! She created her own business and coparents me and my brother – she inspires me!

Isabelle, LV: Rosalind Canter. She is just cool and wins!

Legally Blonde

The curtain rose on March 15, 2024, for our school production of ‘’Legally Blonde’’. The story of Elle Woods, a fashion-savvy sorority girl who defies stereotypes to pursue her ex-boyfriend, Warner, to Harvard Law School. Despite initial scepticism from her peers and professors, Elle proves herself to be a determined and highly capable student, discovering her true potential as she navigates the challenges of law school.

In the realm of school musical productions, few titles have the vivacious energy and empowering spirit quite like “Legally Blonde.” As one of the lead actors, Sasha (UV) embodied the role of Elle Woods, capturing her charm, wit, and resilience. Alongside her, the supporting cast was equally remarkable, each member adding their unique flair to the production. Helen (LV), Joann (UIV), Yvonne (UIV), Roxy (UIV), Natalie (UIV), Megan (UVI) and Eva (UIV) contributed their talents to bring this vibrant story to life on stage with unwavering dedication and passion.

One of the highlights of the production was undoubtedly the musical numbers. From the catchy tunes to the empowering anthem of “Legally Blonde,” each song was performed with enthusiasm. The musical most definitely served as a reminder that with determination, confidence, and a little splash of pink, anything is possible!

Five-word Highlights of the Spring Term from members of our community

Jasmine, UV: Lacrosse, Dorm Feast, House Shout, Spirit.

Georgie, LIV: Lacrosse, Dorm Feast, Fun, Little Bear.

Amelia UV: Singing, Revision, Coffee, GCSEs, Cami.

Mrs Styles: Busy, Fun, Coffee, Colleagues, Spring.

Poppy, LIV: Lacrosse, Go Karting, Lessons, Friends.

Sofia, UV: GCSEs, Friends, Singing, Tiring, fun.

Miss Denson: Airlie, Activities, Staff, Busy, Sun.

Olga, LV: Lacrosse, Great Bear, Greek Salad.

Chloe LIV: Chaotic, Activities, Friends, House Shout.

Ameera UIV: Sport, Little Bear, House Shout.

Sasha, UV: Legally Blonde, GCSEs, Community, Spirit.

Sophia, UIV: Fruity Friday, House Shout, Noodles.