Airlie Autumn Term Newsletter – 2022

Five-word Summary of the Autumn Term (so far):

The Autumn Term is always filled with exciting events, and the best way to gain a quick insight into an Airlie pupil’s half term is a short, sharp, five-word summary. Some of the Airlie pupils have shared their five-word round up of the first half of the Autumn Term.

Serena, LVI: Cookies, Busy, Happy, Eventful, Sports

Roxy, LIV: Fast, Exciting, Enjoyable, Airlie, Jam-Packed.

Chloe, LVI: New, Cookies, Friendship, Music, Prep

Tara, LIV: Exciting, Full, Prep, Fun, Independent

Marissa, LVI: Busy, Independence, Mons, Exciting, Eventful

Anjali, LVI: Fascinating, Home, Friends, Spacious, Responsibility

Tomilola, UV: Busy, Hectic, Responsibilities, Enjoyable, Relaxed

Allegra, UV:  Lacrosse, Involved, Hub, Busy, Friends

Elaine, UIV: Longridge, Busy, Chaotic, Eventful, Dance

Isabella, UIV: Dance, Mathematics, Yay, Great, Tutor!

Aubrey, LV: Courtyard, Chaotic, Eventful, Fast, Enjoyable

House Chapel

The termly Airlie House Chapel Service was conducted on the 6 October 2022. The House Chapel Service is an exciting opportunity for the pupils to organise and lead a service to the whole school. This term, the service was organised by our House Sacristan, Marissa and House Conductor, Megan. In the weeks before, Megan and Marissa selected prayers, hymns and worked closely with the Director of Music and School Chaplin to arrange the service. Our theme was ‘mutual respect’ one of the core values of our school. The House Anthem ‘Count on Me’ by Bruno Mars was selected based on theme and the Airlie pupils sang this beautifully to close the service. Eva dedicated time to arrange the music and our House pianist, Serena, accompanied on the piano. The Airlie pupils dedicated time to rehearse the Anthem, read prayers during the service and contribute their musical talents to make this a fantastic service. We are very proud of the Airlie pupils for the time and energy they gave to prepare and conduct such a wonderful House Chapel Service.

LV Top Tips from their Duke of Edinburgh Award, Practice Expedition

The Duke of Edinburgh Award is a life-changing experience for people. The award offers an opportunity for pupils to discover new interests and talents, all while creating fun memories with their friends. The pupils learn and develop essential skills for life. The Airlie LV pupils have shared some of their top tips from their recent expedition in the Chilterns Hills.

Sofia: Remember to put on blister plasters before you get blister!

Sasha: Invest in good pasta sauce and paper plates.

Jasmine: Learn to use a compass and map and read it carefully as it helps with not getting lost!

Aubrey: Make sure you pack a good roll mat and sleeping bag.

Alison: Teamwork makes the dream work!

Airlie Family Tree 2022 – 2023

Family Tree, Autumn Term 2022
Family Tree, Autumn Term 2022
Family Tree, Autumn Term 2022
Family Tree, Autumn Term 2022
Family Tree, Autumn Term 2022

UIV House Dance

Each year, the UIV pupils are tasked with the vital role of representing their House in the Inter-House UIV Dance Competition. UIV Pupils, under the guidance of the Head of Dance, prepare and perform a House Dance routine in LAC Theatre to the School. Pupils work together to select music and choreograph a routine for their dance. This year, the UIV pupils were challenged to include three different dance styles as part of the routine criteria. During Activity Days, pupils attended workshops, selected outfits, and polished off their routines ahead of the performance. The UIV Airlie pupils worked extremely hard and devised and executed a wonderful routine to ‘Crazy in Love’ by Beyoncé. Well done to Amalia, Elaine, Emily, Georgina, Thea, Isabella, Olga, Isabelle, Helen & Chloe!

Our wonderful UIV pupils have reflected on their House Dance journey and created a list of words to summarise their experience: Fun, Bonding, Understanding, Love, Audience, Hard work, Leadership, Commitment, Choreography, Exciting, Audience, Communication & Friendship