A half term of firsts!

Every September is a new beginning for Junior House. This year a new cohort of 86 Junior House girls arrived, ready to start their Wycombe Abbey Journey.

For many girls this year, it is their first time boarding. Getting used to living away from home and maybe sharing a room for the first time. Both an exciting and daunting prospect, they have given it their all and quickly got to grips with what’s involved, from the ‘first’ game of Uno before lights out, to changing a duvet for the first time on bed change night.

I really like boarding because you get to know others and it feels like a second home. All the staff are really friendly and welcoming and they have made boarding so much easier for first time boarders and those who have already boarded – Poppy and Annelise

This term we have also had our first trip off site. On the Saturday of our first Closed Weekend. Junior House complete with Tutors, House staff, Mrs Harbour and Mrs Duncan travelled to Wendover Woods for a fabulous Headmistress’s picnic complete with the chance to explore the ‘Go Ape!’ course. Lots of fun was had by all and it was a great opportunity to create shared memories.

My favourite part of ‘Go Ape!’ was hanging through the trees. – Annelise

I really enjoyed ‘Go Ape!’ it was really fun because I overcame my fear. – Sophia

For many, sport is one of the most important aspects of School life, while some girls had experienced Lacrosse at previous schools, this term has been the first opportunity for many of our girls to play this new and exciting game. The school invites pupils to join a preseason camp before the start of term, and this is followed by weekly team practices during the term. The first of the Junior House activity days was devoted exclusively to Lacrosse and was a chance for the girls to improve their skills and develop their knowledge of the game. This was followed, on the weekend, by one of the highlights of this term, the Junior House Lacrosse Tournament and Parent Lunch.

The Lacrosse day was really fun because I learnt a lot and we got to compete and play matches – Amelie

So much fun exercising and playing Lax with friends – Penney

The best part of the Lacrosse Day was when our team made up our chant – Aryana

While there are still many ‘firsts’ to come during their time at Wycombe Abbey and in my blog I have highlighted just three. Junior House can look forward to returning after Long Leave, to a familiar place with routines that have been learnt and people who, not long ago they did not know, but who are now friends.